King Von is an internet-famous rapper with a large following of young children. Many of his lyrics are sexual and violent, which has raised some concerns. His fans say he is just being himself and shouldn’t be judged for using these themes in his music. Some parents worry that the kids who follow him on social media will imitate his behavior, but King Von’s followers claim that he speaks to their frustrations and anxieties.

Here we covered all the best King von quotes.

55 Best King Von Quotes

1. “You either gone wait on it, or you gone go and get it? The choice is yours.”

2. “you a real nigga and u doing dis shit da rite way. Don’t let no nigga tell you different and don’t let none of dese weak ass hoes throw u off.”

3. “I’m not doing sh*t for anything; I don’t give a f*ck about any of that sh*t. I don’t care about people; I care about my people.”

4. “In jail, you don’t do sh*t but read, write, and think about the past sh*t that I did. In jail, you don’t got nothing but memories in that b*tch. I was reading a lot of books in there. That’s probably where that sh*t came from.”

5. “My life grand theft auto – All my guns on semi-auto”

6. “My love don’t come with a price, you could put me in ice, it won’t stop me from skatin’ off”

7. “Do you ever get that sad feeling out of nowhere?”

8. “shit just rhymes…it’s just hypothetical.”

9. “That shit gonna figure it out in real life.”

10. “You have to go harder so everybody can talk about you. The more people know you, the more money you get.”

11. “I’m a player. Like I told you in the beginning. I was born a player. It’s the player sh*t. Just let the window down, just a little bit, pass the hoe her phone, and sh*t. I let them handle it. Y’all take care of that sh*t. Y’all make that sh*t right. I was going to leave.”

12. “Would’ve never guess i’ll be making movies.”

13. “Krump was doing all that wolfing he ain’t even make it.”

14. “I keep my distance like COVID (Yeah)”

15. “It’s either gon be you in jail or you die, or you get lucky in this bih”

16. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

17. “I drop a song and these niggas quote it, if he looking for me i’m prolly where his hoe is!”

18. “i’ll do whatever i can do.”

19. “Give positive vibes out even though what we rappin’ about is really just entertainment right now. It’s just music.”

20. “I’m good at sh*t though. The first time I do something, I’ll probably be good at it.”

21. “I need to make something raw real quickly.”

22. “Time goes by, and sh*t just changes, man. People get old. People got their own sh*t going on. You know how that goes.”

23. “I got lot of people to take care of.”

24. “I done did my time, I’m chillin’”

25. “I am what I am. What I’m not, see I’ll never be”

26. “You know i can’t do no overseas.”

27. “You a real n*gga and you doing this sh*t the right way. Don’t let no n*gga tell you different and don’t let none of these weak *ss hoes throw you off.”

28. “A man that stands for nothing will fall for anything”

29. “You Gotta Look Out For Your People, Man.”

30. “I’m heartless, b*tch, you can call me the Tin Man”

31. “A person that stands for nothing will fall for anything”

32. “Would’ve never guessed I’ll be making movies.”

33. “Every video i seen i’m as bad as hell.”

34. “Everyone be smilin’, they miss me “

35. “I’m rich and they can’t take it, I’m just happy that we made it “

36. “You either gonna wait on it, or you gonna go and get it? The choice is yours.”

37. “When I say, ‘Let me focus,’ that was just me talking to the audience. I was talking to the audience. See, I was daydreaming in the car or some sh*t. Now, folks and I see what’s goin’ on. Oh, I’m gonna ride this n*gga. You see what I’m saying?”

38. “My sneakers Louboutin, these ain’t Puma’s”

39. “If it ain’t about money, I don’t talk about it”

40. “I remember the times i had nowhere to go.”

41. “You’ve got money and the sh*t that comes with the fame.”

42. “Don’t believe all that shit, man.”

43. “I gotta drop on this flexing nigga.”

44. “They just saying shit, you know.”

45. “I’m from the streets so I like rap music; that’s what makes up the streets everywhere.”

46. “Ain’t no switchin sides you gotta pick a side”

47. “Atlanta…they ain’t tripping so hard.”

48. “Ain’t got no beat? What the f*ck am i gonna do?”

49. “Y’all broadcasting the wrong shit.”

50. “Chicago ain’t really like that.”

51. “I ain’t got no flaws”

52. “You know? The ladies love me.”

53. “We are strong, but we are stronger together.”

54.  “If I tell I love you, I mean it”

55. “You gotta do what you gotta do”

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