Don t play games with me quotes this word usually has two meanings. The first is about attitude and the second is about sadness. We won’t share games here with me quotes.

There are some people in our lives that we can never ignore, and they play with our minds at different times. It’s okay if it’s a little bit, but if the amount is too much then it becomes very annoying.

Here we will share the best don t play games with me quotes. You can use these quotes to let them know.

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70 Best Don T Play Games with Me Quotes

1. “I don’t play the traditional Charlie Parker songs. But I do improvise and I do create with my instrument, and that to me is jazz. But there are people who use the word ‘jazz’ only in a traditional sense, and they would be offended by that, and that’s fine.” – Kenny G

2. “I don’t really want to go into my problems with the team at the time except to say that no one’s ever had to pay me to play basketball.” – Jerry West

3. “When I’m on stage, the songs that we’ve chosen to play from the back catalog are things that still resonate with me, and matter to me. And the songs that I couldn’t be a part of, we don’t play anymore.” – Trent Reznor

4. “You are trying to take my mind off the coming announcement and I appreciate it, but all that alphabet soup stuff confuses me. You do realize that I am a very natural blonde, don’t you?” “You don’t get to play that blondie card with me, darlin’. I already know how smart you are.” – Carolyn Brown

5. “Remember one thing, you might be a player. But we are creators!” – Unknown

6. “Don’t play with me, I’m the game no one ever understood.” – Unknown

7. “Don’t play with me, I’m bored playing these types of shi**y games.” – Unknown

8. “I tell you to slow down and you don’t listen and I almost love what a cunt you can be because one of these days you’re gonna tie me to a bed and slap me and lord over me the way you lord over all people who get in your way. You’re so revved up and I want to play with you and I do.” – Caroline Kepnes

9. “I am a tambourine. Don’t put me aside

Till the fast dancing starts.

Play me some all along.

Help me with these little sounds.” – Rumi

10. “I’m never going to be comfortable being squished into a box, and that’s why it’s been weird in Hollywood, they don’t know what to do with me, because I can play the game up to a point, but then I can’t at all.” – Minnie Driver

11. “My dad always told me to play hard and know that the people you’re competing with and against are working just as hard or harder. So don’t let them out-work you.” – Tim Hudson

12. “If you think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I am the worst.” – Unknown

13. “Your status can’t ever match my status. Neither on Whatsapp nor in real life.” – Unknown

14. “Treat me like a human, and I’ll treat you like a king. Treat me like a game and I’ll show you how it’s played.” – Unknown

15. “When I step onto the court, I don’t have to think about anything. If I have a problem off the court, I find that after I play, my mind is clearer and I can come up with a better solution. It’s like therapy. It relaxes me and allows me to solve problems.” – Michael Jordan

16. “When I was a baby, my mama told me son, always be a good boy, don’t ever play with guns. But I shot a man in Reno.” – Johnny Cash

17. “I know you’re feeling worried,

But I promise I’m okay.

You think I’m missing all the fun,

But I don’t want to play.

And I’m not feeling lonely;

Yeah, I’ve got a friend with me.

I’m just keeping this corner company.” – Margo T. Rose

18. “Don’t play with me, I’m not a game to be played by kids. You better prefer upgrading yourself.” – Unknown

19. “In the past, I have not been able to hear myself. I play with feeling so I need to hear what is coming out of the amplifier to inspire me; I don’t just play mechanically.” – Michael Schenker

20. “I don’t just play the trumpet because it’s something that resonates with me: I play the trumpet because I realize it’s a means to help free a lot of people that ain’t free.” – Christian Scott

21. “If you look at my body of work, my characters drastically vary, and so I typically don’t play the same role. It makes me feel reborn with each role.” – Toni Trucks

22. “I don’t play golf competitively. I tell everybody that I cheat so they won’t gamble with me. That’s why you can’t watch football. Everybody’s gambling. They don’t want to watch the game; they watch the spread.” – Jack Nicholson

23. “Don’t play with me. I’m not what you think of. I’m something you can’t really understand.” – Unknown

24. “Don’t play with me, I’m more than what I show, and much more then what you sow.” – Unknown

25. “I don’t want to just play the same thing. But with The Red Road, no one has ever seen me like that. No one really even knows that I smile, have a personality and have a sense of humor.” – Jason Momoa

26. “Don’t play with me, you’ve only seen the pleasant sight of this game, believe me! You can’t handle the worst!” – Unknown

27. “Don’t play games with me, I’m nothing like you want me to be. It’s not about popularity, it’s about darkness and honesty. I can’t be defeated. As I’m in the right path.” – Unknown

28. “Players must play their game with fellow players, so don’t play with me, it’s not considered safe for the players to challenge the creator of that game.” – Unknown

29. “Sometimes, I must admit, I’d like to have a second guitarist onstage with me, but it wouldn’t look right. I’d like to play for another 20 years, but I don’t know … I just can’t see it happening. I don’t know why. It’s a certain foreboding … a funny feeling … vultures.” – Jimmy Page

30. “Spitfire asked me if I had a problem talking about Van Halen or Extreme. I really don’t. There are people who are just going to want to know what it was like to play with Eddie.” – Gary Cherone

31. “What’s hardest for me to swallow is when there is a love story, say, with a really high-profile male star and there’s no reason I can’t play the part. They say, ‘Oh, we love Halle, we just don’t want to go black with this part.” – Halle Berry

32. “We lived in Colorado, and my parents were outdoorsy mountain people. My father would always say, ‘Go out and don’t come back until you have something to show me.’ Which meant he wanted me to come back with a scraped knee or an injury. When I went out to play, I felt like I’d better get hurt.” – Jessica Biel

33. “You can batter your guitar, and it won’t distort too much, which is important for me because I play with my hands a lot – I don’t really play with picks.” – James Vincent McMorrow

34. “Don’t play games with those who once thought you the rules to be a player. You’ll end up stressed.” – Unknown

35. “I’m in love with Mary Jane. She’s my main thing. She makes me feel alright. She makes my heart sing. And when I’m feeling low, she comes as no surprise. Turns me on with her love, takes me to paradiiiiise do you love me Mary Jane, yeah now do you think you love me Mary Jane don’t you play no game …” – Rick James

36. “I don’t walk into a room with an authoritative stance. I tend to be a little more submissive, even though I think I have a certain amount of strength. So, it’s tough for me to play authority without feeling uncomfortable.” – Kristin Kreuk

37. “I don’t want to say I’ll never play someone with a cockney accent, but I think I would be irritated by me doing it.” – Daniel Radcliffe

38. “If I haven’t played with a player before and I don’t know anything about them, the more they tell me about themselves, the better I will be able to judge how they think and how they play.” – Daniel Negreanu

39. “DJs should not be just pressing play with a USB stick, or getting wasted and throwing cake. I don’t think [stunts like throwing cake] have anything to do with connecting with your audience. To me, it has no substantial creative value – it’s just a waste of food.” – Paul Van Dyk

40. “You have comfort. You don’t have luxury. And don’t tell me that money plays a part. The luxury I advocate has nothing to do with money. It cannot be bought. It is the reward of those who have NO Fear or Discomfort.” – Jean Cocteau

41. “Daisy, you’re too damned innocent to understand the danger you’re in. It’s taking all the self-control I’ve got to keep my hands off you. Don’t play games with me, sweetheart. It’s too easy for you to torture me, and I’m at my limit.” – Author: Lisa Kleypas

42. “Don’t play with me, don’t mess with me.” – Unknown

43. “I came up from growing up with a lot of Catholic guilt, a lot of punk rock, hipster guilt in the later years where I think people have thrown a lot of things on me. Where I always felt like I’m not supposed to tell the horn section what to play or I don’t want to come off egotistical.” – Jack White

44. “Worst part of being a writer: having to tell my toddler that I can’t play with her because I’m working. Keep in mind that working consists of me at home with a laptop on my lap sitting on the couch. It doesn’t look like working. I don’t have a hammer or anything.” – Chelsea Cain

45. “I don’t care what you play, where you’re from, who you produce. It depends on what you’re doing when you’re with me. That’s what counts. I don’t pre-judge anything or anybody.” – Ziggy Marley

46. “Don’t play that game with me, Acheron. Tell me what I need to know! (Xypher)

Nice tone. We should rent you out to record Halloween albums. (Acheron)” – Sherrilyn Kenyon

47. “Don’t play games with me, coz I think I can play better than you.” – Unknown

48. “Don’t play with me, I’m not the game where you’ll end up happily.” – Unknown

49. “Talk to the guys that ain’t doing nothing, don’t talk to me. I just want eight guys out there with me who want to play.” – Shaquille O’Neal

50. “To play with me, learn the rules of being a player first.” – Unknown

51. “Thanks to you I don’t have to watch either of those scenarios play out while perched on a cloud fighting with God to let me intercede, or spend eternity aching to at least become the quivering sunbeam that lands on them one morning when they roll out of bed at age twenty-five.” – Mary-Louise Parker

52. “It’s over now. He said what he had to say, I said what I had to say. Don’t play with me. Seriously, don’t play with me.” – Shaquille O’Neal

53. “Oh, don’t sit there blushin, he says, git on with it. Life’s too short. Take her off in the bushes, my friend, and make her yer own. If you don’t, somebody else will. Hell, I might jest make a play fer her myself. That ‘ud put a rocket in yer pocket. Ha ha! How’s about it, Red? You and me?” – Moira Young

54. “I heard you are a player. Nice meeting you. Well, I am a coach.” – Unknown

55. “I hate when you have to be nice to the person you really want to throw a brick at.” – Unknown

56. “I play with feeling so I need to hear what is coming out of the amplifier to inspire me; I don’t just play mechanically. I need to hear what I am doing in order to create the next note. If I don’t hear it then I can’t feed myself.” – Michael Schenker

57. “I am pushed by my critics. I don’t want to say I want to prove them wrong, but it pushes me on the field to play with a chip on my shoulder, and I play best when I have a chip on my shoulder.” – Hope Solo

58. “I like to pretend that you belong to me, just to play with the idea, but of course I know you don’t. I’m alone, really with my back to the wall fighting the world and I get sort of gaspy when I think about it. I put it out of my mind, and keep on pretending; but don’t you see, Daddy?” – Jean Webster

59. “Being able to play tragedy for humor rather than pity is a new trick I’ve learned. For a long time that’s what I did with my poetry, ask people to feel sorry for me. I got sober and I realized I have to get out of the pity thing; it’s not going anywhere for me. I don’t want to have any self-pity.” – Bucky Sinister

60. “What worries me are these so-called radio stations with program directors who don’t play all the different flavors of hip-hop. They should play the old with the new, 24/7, 365 days a year. A lot of these program directors are just jiving around and not playing all the good music for the people.” – Afrika Bambaataa

61. “I was clear: “I don’t want to play businessmen with bifocal glasses and cameras, so if you’re going to give me an Asian bad guy to play, then I’m going to give you the baddest Asian bad guy you’ve ever seen, and you’re not going to forget that I was in the film.” – Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

62. “It’s fun for me to couple emotion with comedy. I think it helps comedy. I think a lot of times American comedies don’t play on emotion too much.” – Zach Galifianakis

63. “I think I’m true to myself – you hear that actors have like plans. I’m gonna do this type of movie, then I’m gonna play this kind of character, and that’ll get me from A to B. I’ve never done that. I honestly just follow my gut and I don’t think you can go wrong with that.” – Toni Collette

64. “In the streets, they’re very nice. On Twitter, there are people who love to hate me. Sometimes people get mean. I tend to answer like, ‘Careful now, know who you’re dealing with … ‘ they’re like, ‘I’m sorry! Don’t send the Lord of Light after me!’ It’s fun to play with that.” – Carice Van Houten

65. “I like both athletic girls and girly girls. It depends on their personality. I like girls who can go out and play sports with me and throw the football around, but you don’t want a girl who’s too much tougher than you. I like brainy girls who can respond to what I’m saying.” – Josh Hutcherson

66. “Good news is I’m smiling. The bad news is it’s the kind of smile that you should fear.” – Unknown

67. “Hey sexy boy, set me free, don’t be so shy, play with me my dirty boy, can’t you see, you are the one for meeeee.” – Alexandra Stan

68. “An attitude is just like a price tag. It shows how valuable you are.” – Unknown

69. “Tab and I don’t play it that way. You wanna order your old lady around, do what you do, not for me to say. I asked her to go, she didn’t go. Not gonna make her. But you try, you’ll deal with me” – Kristen Ashley

70. “I have nothing but sympathy for the people who are forced to work with me. I’m better now at picking out those that want to play that game with me, and those that don’t.” – Alton Brown

71. “Water lapped as she sat forward.”Don’t play games with me, Roarke.”

“Eve, it’s my fondest wish to do just that.” – J.D. Robb

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